Other Warwickshire Towers:-

The following are in the County of Warwickshire, but are not in the Coventry Diocese. In addition, only those towers towards the east of the West Midlands are in the Coventry Diocese. If the tower you are looking for is not listed here, then check further with the Dove's Guide website for details.

1. Towers in the Gloucester and Bristol Association (Website):-
Lower Quinton, S Swithin (GF), 6, 13-0-27 in F#.
Welford on Avon, S Peter, 8, 9-3-1 in G#

2. Towers in the Oxford Diocesan Guild (Website):-
Little Compton, S Denys (GF), 5, 6-2-6 in A.

3. Towers in the St Martin's Guild for the Diocese of Birmingham (Website):-
Austrey, S Nicholas, 5, 13½cwt in F
Coleshill, SS Peter & Paul, 10, 14-0-24 in F#.
Grendon, All Saints, 6, 11-2-14 in G
Kingsbury, SS Peter & Paul, 8, 17-1-0 in E
Lea Marston, Warw, S John Bapt, 3, 6-1-8 in B. Anti-clockwise
Middleton, S John Bapt (GF), 3, 8-3-1 in G
Nether Whitacre, S Giles, 6, 10-1-0 in G
Newton Regis, S Mary, 3, 9-0-5 in G
Packwood, S Giles (GF), 8, 6-3-14 in Bb
Polesworth, S Editha, 8, 11-2-11 in F
Seckington, All Saints (GF), 4, 5-3-24 in B
Tanworth in Arden, S Mary Magd, 8, 12-1-5 in F#
Wishaw, S Chad, 3, 6-0-6 in Bb

4. Towers in Private Ownership (Website)
Wroxall S Leonard, 3, 9cwt in A. Unringable.