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Striking Competition Rules

Eight-Bell Striking Competition (Used for the Annual Inter-District Competition)

  1. Each District may enter up to 2 teams of 8 ringers, all of whom must be bona fide Sunday service ringers at towers within the District and paid up members of the Guild. Scratch teams made up of Ringing Members and Honorary Life Members may take part at the discretion of those Executive Committee members present at the competition. A draw for position will be made at the start of the competition.
  2. No one team may include more than three ringers from the same tower.
  3. Each team must ring 224 changes of Triples or Major of their choice, details of the piece, including calls, to be supplied to the judge prior to commencement. Bands will be expected to ring a method commensurate with their ability.
  4.  Rounds at either end will not be judged, up to one minute of rounds being allowed before commencement of changes.
  5. A period of 1 minute will be allowed to try ropes and adjust if necessary.
  6. A period of 5 minutes maximum will be allowed for practice.
  7. Readiness to ring the test piece will be signified by a few whole pulls on the treble.
  8. Scratch bands will be judged, but will not be placed in the Competition
  9. The Judge’s decision will be final.

Updated 18th January 2016.

Six Bell Ringing Competition Rules

The purpose of this competition is to encourage ringers and bands within the Diocese to improve their ringing for divine service.

  1. Entry of a band will be for a tower within a District of the Guild. Members of a band must be Sunday service ringers at that tower, or joint bands which regularly ring together on Sundays, especially where insufficient numbers would prevent a single tower entry.
  2. Where a band has insufficient regular service ringers to comprise a team they may supplement their team by one other Ringing Member or Honorary Life Member. No guest ringer may ring for more than one band under this rule.
  3. Scratch bands made up of Ringing Members and Honorary Life Members may take part at the discretion of those Executive Committee Members present at the Competition. Scratch bands will be judged, but will not be placed in the competition.
  4. All bands must include at least 4 ringers who are not ringing with another band.
  5. All members of each band MUST be paid up Ringing Members or Honorary Life Members.
  6. The order of ringing will be determined by the District/General Secretary, or the Ringing Master.
  7. Each team will ring either Call Changes or Method (not rounds only):
    (a) The method test piece shall consist of 120 changes of any method; either doubles with a cover, or minor. Simple callings may be obtained in advance from the Ringing Master, on stating which method is to be rung. Those bands lacking a conductor may ring plain courses only.
    (b) Call change teams will ring 120 rows. There must be at least 8 calls. The changes may be called either by changing a single pair of bells, or by changing whole rows. A chart of simple call changes will be made available on request in advance. The Steward in the tower will periodically inform the ringers of how many changes have been rung.
  8. Bands are expected to ring consistently with their ability, and within the spirit of the competition.
  9. The bells will be rung 3 times by each team:
    (a) For up to one minute to assess rope lengths.
    (b) For up to two minutes for the ringers to become acquainted with the 'go' of the bells.
    (c) The test piece, preceded by not more than one minute of rounds.
    The tenor bell is to be rung a few blows between (b) and (c) to inform the judge(s) of the team's intention to start the test piece. A Steward is to be present in the tower to inform the team when these times have been reached.
  10. Judging will be for the test piece only, and will not include the opening and closing rounds. In the case of call changes, 120 changes other than rounds should be rung and no change rung more than 20 times consecutively, although changes can be repeated. Judging will be on these 120 changes only and not on any rounds. The Steward will advise at regular intervals on the number of changes rung.
  11. Penalty points will be awarded by the judge, and the team with the lowest score will be declared the winner. Change ringing teams who do not ring a true test piece, fail to return to rounds, and/or fire out will, so long as at least 100 changes have been rung, have 20% as penalty points added to their score. (Therefore they should not stand the bells on realisation that a miss-call or shift in course has occurred).

Updated 18th January 2016.

A copy of these rules many be downloaded here: 

Education and Training Committee

The Committee is responsible for developing training/Education initiatives and delivering training for individuals and groups, usually via The Harry Windsor Ringing Centre at Kineton.

The members of this committee are pleased to offer advice on education and training matters. Please make initial contact with the Education Committee Chairman:-

Graham Nabb
12 Glosters Green
CV35 0LT
Tel: 01926 641812

Committee Members
Michael Dane (Wellesbourne)
Jo Langford (Stratford)


Towers and Belfries Committee Report 2014

The committee met once in 2014 and generally it has proved a quiet year.

Whilst a couple of work afternoons doing maintenance took place – sadly only a few of the committee have been involved. The towers visited were all those where we have worked in the past and are generally in good order with no major work needed. Oxhill remains the exception where the local PCC have failed to take advantage of the scaffolding and work on the roof to carry out bird protection so the bells are covered in an unhealthy mess and not rung as a result. The Rural Dean, local Ringers and PCC are I believe finally addressing the issue. We must watch this space and hope that finally action will be taken before it is too late.

Fenny Compton were inspected and some work done – they are now in reasonable order but the frame needs painting. The local churchwarden was given a suggestion as to how this may be accomplished at minimal cost but has failed to act and the opportunity may be lost. You can lead a horse to water….

At Clifford Chambers we were asked to inspect and advise as the local captain could no longer maintain the bells. Basically they are in good order although a little work was done. However recent work on the tower included moving a trapdoor and erecting a platform over the frame of the back 5 (the treble is on top). As a result it is very difficult to move around to maintain the bells, it is dark as the light is now above the platform and the treble is very quiet in the ringing chamber. Also hoops, erected supposedly for safety reasons around a vertical ladder, are within 3 ‘’ of the second rope presenting a safety hazard to tall or inexperienced ringers. All this could well have been done without a faculty. Having a maintenance contract with a bell hanger was recommended – if you have to struggle around to maintain the bells you may as well get paid!!!

I would like to thank all those on the committee who have assisted with work over the last year. Looking forward to 2015 the Leek Wootton project should be complete, and possibly Newbold Pacey. Pillerton Hersey should be actively fund-raising and there are several other smaller projects of improvement or sound control mooted.

Graham Nabb – TAB Committee Chair


Public Relations Officer’s Report 2014

The position of Guild PRO is vacant and there is no report for this year.  Please consider standing for this important position.


The Coventry DG Draw Club

For an application form to join the Draw Club click on this folder ..


The Draw Club has run successfully for a several years, raising funds for the Guild. In the past year £540 has been raised. The greater the number of members, the more we contribute to the ‘Fund Raising’. Monthly prizes are determined by the number of members but are generally £25, £10, and £5.

We need 82 members to make the Club viable without any Bonus months. Thanks to everyone who has supported this venture in 2019.

Chris Worley and Joy Pluckrose

Draw Club Results 2019

Date 1st Prize   2nd Prize   3rd Prize   4th Prize
  No Name   No Name   No Name   No Name
Jan 102 Jean Liggins   25 Richard Pope   9 Christine Holmer      
Feb 25 Richard Pope   49 Simon Rogers   65 Tony Coleman      
Mar 38 Mary Williams   22 Janice Sheasby   15 Julian Edgson      
Apr 105 Peter Hollings   60 Peter Spencer   11 Mick Fiander      
May 36 Des Jones   65 Tony Coleman   9 Christine Homer      
Jun 107 Steve Tibbetts   55 Annie Hall   38 Mary Williams      
Jul 62 Rodney Swallow   124 Sandra Parker   108 Janet Kirby       
Aug 62 Rodney Swallow   8 Sally Idle   28 Sue Roderick      
Sep 21 Jill Montgomery   34 Barbara Howes   126 Martin Mellor      
Oct 61 Jane Rogers   74 Terry Hill   54 Kay Whitehead      
Nov 65 Tony Coleman   75 Ann Mew   124 Sandra Parker      
Bonus 1st Prize (£40)   2nd Prize (£30)   3rd Prize (£20)   4th Prize (£10)
Dec 2 Peter Richardson   122 Jane Rogers   90 Bulkington Ringers   13 James Ingham


Guild Garments for 2017

The firm we order these from has guaranteed the same prices for another year. This makes them excellent value, and those of us who wear them year in and year out can testify to their quality. All the details are to be found on the Guild website, going to Resources, Guild Shop and Guild Garments.

I try to keep up with the changes of some colours and styles but am always happy to be contacted with any queries, either by email - - or at home.

A photograph of the new garments can be found on page 83 off the Annual Report.

While prices have not increased, postage & packing have, so the more orders I can get, the greater will be the contribution they make to Guild funds.

Barbara Howes

Please note that Angela Roskelly has now taken over the management of Guild Garments her contact details are

Angela Roskelly
6 Lowes Avenue,
Woodloes Park,
CV34 5UB
Tel: 07880 985481