The Coventry DG Draw Club

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The Draw Club has run successfully for a several years, raising funds for the Guild. In the past year £540 has been raised. The greater the number of members, the more we contribute to the ‘Fund Raising’. Monthly prizes are determined by the number of members but are generally £25, £10, and £5.

We need 82 members to make the Club viable without any Bonus months. Thanks to everyone who has supported this venture in 2019.

Chris Worley and Joy Pluckrose

Draw Club Results 2019

Date 1st Prize   2nd Prize   3rd Prize   4th Prize
  No Name   No Name   No Name   No Name
Jan 102 Jean Liggins   25 Richard Pope   9 Christine Holmer      
Feb 25 Richard Pope   49 Simon Rogers   65 Tony Coleman      
Mar 38 Mary Williams   22 Janice Sheasby   15 Julian Edgson      
Apr 105 Peter Hollings   60 Peter Spencer   11 Mick Fiander      
May 36 Des Jones   65 Tony Coleman   9 Christine Homer      
Jun 107 Steve Tibbetts   55 Annie Hall   38 Mary Williams      
Jul 62 Rodney Swallow   124 Sandra Parker   108 Janet Kirby       
Aug 62 Rodney Swallow   8 Sally Idle   28 Sue Roderick      
Sep 21 Jill Montgomery   34 Barbara Howes   126 Martin Mellor      
Oct 61 Jane Rogers   74 Terry Hill   54 Kay Whitehead      
Nov 65 Tony Coleman   75 Ann Mew   124 Sandra Parker      
Bonus 1st Prize (£40)   2nd Prize (£30)   3rd Prize (£20)   4th Prize (£10)
Dec 2 Peter Richardson   122 Jane Rogers   90 Bulkington Ringers   13 James Ingham